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Linda's Accident

By Alexei41


Linda's Accident

Linda stood at the bus stop, her thighs pressed tightly together. She wished that she had been for a wee-wee before she finished work, but she was too busy chatting to her friend, and before she knew it, it was time to dash out for her bus. She had held it all afternoon, being too busy to go to the toilet, but she hadn't drunk much coffee that day, so her need to wee had not been too pressing.

Now, however, she was desperate, and her bus was due any second. She didn't think that she could hold on till she got home. She was tempted to let some of her wee go now, but there was a man standing at the bus stop, and she didn't want to wee in front of him. She desperately needed to hold herself through her skirt, but couldn't, because of the man. She would just have to cross her legs, and try to hold it until she got home.

The bus came, and she got on, and went upstairs, and sat at the back. The upper deck was empty, so she could hold herself without anyone seeing her. She held herself tight, and rocked back and forth, but she knew that there was no way she was going to make it home without weeing herself. The bus pulled up at the next stop, and horror of horrors - two teenage boys came upstairs and sat near Linda ! Now she couldn't even hold herself. She was almost in tears as she thought to herself "Oh no, I'm going to do a wee-wee in my knickers. It's nearly coming out."

She had to do it, and soon ! Why had she been so stupid, and not had a wee at work while she had the chance ? One thing was certain - she was going to do it in her panties any second now, and the two boys would see her. The bus went over a bump in the road, and the jolt made a spurt of wee gush out into her knickers. And another, and another. She clenched her thighs even tighter, but she couldn't stop the wee from coming out.

The bus pulled up at the next stop, and the two boys got up and went downstairs. Salvation - she was alone again ! She hoped and prayed that no-one else would come upstairs, as she needed to do her wee NOW,
before her bladder burst, and spurts were still coming out in her knickers. The bus set off again, and she just let her wee go, soaking her knickers, tights, legs and skirt. It gushed from her, splashing noisily all over the floor of the bus. She hoped that no-one downstairs would hear it. She wanted to cry out in relief, but just kept quiet as she weed and weed. She could feel that the back of her skirt was soaking, and it would show when she went downstairs to get off the bus. But by now she didn't care anymore, she just cared about getting rid of all her wee.

She just finished weeing as her stop was approaching, and she went downstairs, her knickers, tights and skirt dripping with the soaking that they had received. She could feel the people on the bus looking at her, and when it stopped, and the doors opened, she just ran, and ran, to get away from everyone.

She ran all the way home, and was greeted by her father. She burst into tears as she stood dripping on the
doormat. "Darling, what EVER is the matter ?" asked her father. "Oh daddy, I've wee-wee'd myself", she said tearfully. He gave a little smile and said "Oh, is that ALL ? Don't worry love, we all have little mishaps once in a while. Go and shower while I get your dinner ready. And stop crying. So, you've wet yourself, it's not the end of the world !"

She went into the bathroom and removed her skirt. She rubbed herself through her soaking panties and tights. Oooohhhhh, this felt GOOD. She decided that doing a wee in her knickers wasn't so bad after all. It's a good job that daddy can't see her now ! She couldn't wait to wee herself again !


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