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Juub's Wet Jeans Bookmark List

Wetting her Panties

Summer 2011 update

  • a review of all the sites on the list
  • added some new ones, removed false addresses
  • quite a lot have gone, but also a few new ones - some very nice

If you

  • want information, find false or new addresses, please do contact me, miss Juub.
  • are looking for the best videos, start at Patches’ Place. In co-operation with the best producers, such my own host Skymouse, X-Streams, and HighTide they offer the wettest solutions: all originals, no illegal copies here.

What sites are electable? They have to be:

  • about wet jeans (pee or water) or pants (not panties), not naked
  • at least partly free of charge,
  • either a stories site,
  • a clips, pix or movies site or
  • a bulletin board.


Juub's Wet Jeans Bookmark List
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Female Desperation by Ger/Shara
The world collection of desperation and wet panty and jeans pix. Some very fine private jeans series. New débutantes start here often. Mostly updates each day so keep coming back. High quality, free of charge.
Wetting her Panties, Desperation, Accidents
Refreshing freebies, but for more this is a (good) pay site. Some very exciting jeans videos - Tiffany is a good example. Some 20% is about wet jeans. Frequent updates. Dribbles.
Wet an' dirty panties
Section jeans. Nice quality movies. Separate jeans section. Dribbles bbut some really wet.

Interesting links

Patches' Place
Probably the first and best known wet-sites on the net. Full of pissed jeans and shorts. I still find the older Patches' vids among the best. Delivers also many other video brands. Very wet.
Jeans Luder
Jeans Luder is part of a German wetsite (pantiesparadise): many personal wet jeans pix. Absolutely worth a visit. Pantiesparadise sells movies, pix and 'used clothing', worn by female 'partners'.
Webshots: wet jeans
Wet jeans pictures, videos, images and albums from Webshots amateurs.
Michellé's and Michael's WET-SITE
Nice free wet jeans and videos, also from 3rd parties. Very nice and unique. Small set, free to upload user content. Not much updates any more.
Un Fantasme: le Pipi-Culotte
Pipi culotte - pants peeing the French way. Collection of existing photos and video clips.
Piss Blog
Interesting wetsite with freebees and many relevant links.
mAxie used to be a share wetsite, but now it offers a paid site. You may contribute movies if you want. Very few free available contributions.

Not updated any more

Lohengrins Pics (German language)
Lohengrin was famous for his very convincing fakes, so good in fact that most people do not believe that. Watch for the well-known L mark. Sad to mention his death in spring 2007.
Pee jeans in rags
You get to many others in the following URL by changing xxx into 120, 121, 122, ... : Have fun.
Puddyls panties
Ik heb in mijn broek gedaan
Odd one out. In Dutch (Flemish), stories on dirtying your pants. 'Broek' stands for 'pants'. Use the links below. Stopped updating years ago.
Ik heb in mijn broek gedaan, index
Use the links below to get an overview of the five sets. Many links to the pictures fail otherwise. Series 3 and 4 are already down.
Ik heb in mijn broek gedaan, set 1
These sets take a long time to load: they load the full size pic instead of a thumbnail. Just save the page + all pictures.
Ik heb in mijn broek gedaan, set 2
Ik heb in mijn broek gedaan, set 5

Video for free & for sale

Skymouse - Photos and Movie Clips
Nice overview of what's available here: clips and pics of wetting. Partly in jeans.
XTube - wet jeans females
Great amateur wet jeans videos. Quite a few daring girls! Use the search engine on "pee (or piss) jeans" or visit peepeedee, nooneyouknow, kitteh_chan, naughty_lucy420, ilovewetting, multifetishgirl, wetbetty, DespGoldLeaker, burstingchick420, kinkyamandalee, daddycool13, wetlinda, WettLady, peegirlL, NM_Slut_Wife, DesperateSue, Cutie_Cocksucker, silkfirefly, sandy155, friskisub, lovelywhenwet, wettjeans, shynquietone, ChouKette, hiz_sbg, treeclimber, Kiss_katt, brooklynoh, Ilovewetting, and WetterBill. And many more. TJinWJ removed his movies, alas, but the pictures are still there.
Too slow to mention. Most wet jeans clips, familiar from other sites (XTube, YouTube).
Uploaded amateur and well-known online copies. Quite a few new ones. Not many jeans. Wet and dribbles.
It's not easy to navigate or search the right keyword combination, but here are some very nice wet jeans videos. Only paid views, but some are very good. Dribble to wet.
Red-Tube - "jeans"
This is a pay site but all seem to be originals. Great amateur wet jeans videos. Quite a few daring girls! A German language site with lots of jeans wetting. I found at least 1.000+ movieclips of wet jeans alone. I feel it is rather expensive, from €0.75 to € 2.00 per minute, but anyway it is wet. I am not sure that payment is secure or anonymous, though!
Piss Girls in Public
Returned from the lost sites: PGP. Very nice, long videos of jeans wetting in the open. Very very wet, very daring.
BlueWetting Productions
From the old Snuppa (yeah!) creator a new model - Bella. I have not seen anything but one (1) trailer.
Natalee's HD Wetting
Pleny of movies and some images: nice private wettings but not free. Some very wet jeans. (New link!)
Tyler Coastal Girl
I find Tyler's movies top-notch. And she's beautiful as well. Try 'Wet Denim', 'Skin Tight Jeans', 'The Wetter the Better' and so on. Wet.
An interesting angle: bound, bursting and desperate. Stories, sounds, pictures and movies on sale. Includes jeanswetting. The Just Jeans series are very good. Very wet. Formerly known as NorthStar.
Heelqueen, friend of the famous Jeanscowboy, has her own site. This is the central one, linked to some others. Wet and very wet jeans. Recommended.
Wet In Public
Public wetting of jeans and other garments. Interesting if you favour public wetting, not very wet. Not many jeans. Dribble.
I need 2 pee!
Very "desperate housewives" in skirts, shorts and jeans on video and pics for sale. Nice series. Wet.
Real Wetting
Originals. 33% nice fitting jeans, often with nylon tights underneath. Wet. Worth the trouble (and money). Have a look at the site: it delivers what it promises.
HD Wetting
Girls peeing their pants. Not very wet but nice desperation. Small set of nice-looking dedicated models. It's about 50% jeans, many different type of jeans but mostly stretch. Most movies < 5 min's.
Wet Set Magazine
Wet Set magazine, a golden oldy on the net, picture sets and videos, small size content up front, both in stills and movies. Mainly into knicker and pampers, but few jeans. Wet or very wet.
Good but not updated since 2005. Quite a few jeans videos, in public. Tanya and Laura are among their best, IMHO. Wet.
YouTube - "jeans wetting"
YouTube does host some nice surprises. Just use the right combination of keywords.
Empflix HD: Piss Movies
Lots of wetting video clips, nude and dressed; only very few jeans. Wet.
T 'n A flix
Sister site of Empflix but with some other content. Here also mostly nudes and no jeans. Wet.
Tainster (Fully Clothed Pissing, Pissing in Action, Pee Squad and others)
Tainster combines many wet (pee) sites under one label. Interesting angle: expensive looking, shiny shirts, skirts and dresses being drenched by (fe)male partner in GS. Unfortunately almost no jeans. Includes f**king and other acts. Very wet.
Kink Pissing
Girls in, mostly nude, golden showers and hardcore watersports. From Wet but no jeans.
Athens Girls
Beautiful and interesting scenes. Some with jeans. Unfortunately the previews are coded 16:9 instead of 4:3 ratio. If you can change that while viewing - OK. Last update seems to be 2007.
Ripe 4 Piss
Video & pics of girls as they get a face wash (shirt still on) and then gag. Different, no jeans, rather nasty. Wet. [last updated June 2007]
Excellent and recommended to buy. Not many (and only older) jeans wettings, but all very very wet. Frequent new videos
666 Bukkake: John Thompson
Lots of very wet movies, mainly nude and no jeans, includes f*cking. Very rough, very very wet, drenched in fact. Preview movies available online.
Mainstream Movies
Have a look around and maybe you will like the offerings here. Links mainly to main stream movies, TV and others.

Forums (or fora)

Wetset - Watersports Message Board
THE wet stories forum and meeting place. Very active.
Skymouse - Knicker Wetting Forum
In connection to Skymouse's Wetting her Panties Site: boards in English, Dutch and Swedish. Plenty to read, discuss and watch.
Pissing Jeans - Pissing Knickers
The wet jeans forum @ Pissing Knickers
Wet Friends
A new forum for wetting and wetlook. It has many links to open sources. Has a special section (pictures) where you cannot enter uninvited.
Sprinkles Piss Xchange web board
Used to be very active board, not much jeans but a lot of pee. Seems rather inactive now.
German language board. Additionally some interesting movies as well... (see "Das sind wir", choose SnoopyGirl)
Female First Forum - Desperate for a pee
Please, do not interfere. Just read the discussion.


Worldgroups is the former adult part of MSN. If you have a Hotmail login, you'll get free access.
Wives pissing inside panties (Nina34a)
Meant was: wife (Nina34a) pisses in pants. Anyway, some nice personal shots. Latest additions in 2007.
Belle pisseuse
Bellepisseuse aime faire pipi dans sa culotte ou inonder sa couche. In other words: she likes to pee her pants. Last update 2006.
Another photo collector, no jeans. Last update 2008.
Wet Fake World
Faked wet accidents, just a couple. Latest releases 2007.


XTube - wet jeans males
A wide range of amateur wet jeans and pants videos. Quite a lot male. Use the search engine on "pee (or piss) jeans" and give your M preference. Very wide collection.
Wet Pants Boy
Male (and some female) wetting, peeing and pooping videos, images and stories. Uploads by members. Some copies of existing other sites, such as Ger's desperation. Wet.
Gay wet jeans pix (10.000+) uploaded by enthousiasts. Very wet, includes shorts, boxers and so on. Regularly updated.
De Prave
Small collection of male wetting. Some jeans.
GayPornJuice (old: Piss Flixxx) - Gay Watersports
Few jeans, movies. GayPornJuice took over pissflixxx and the latest update on jeans wetting is now almost a year old. Pity.
Mark's 10th wet album
Check around for more: change mark10 into mark or mark2 or mark5. In the early sets you'll also find some peeing on each other. Stops @ #10, April 2007.


Wet jeans

EE Wetlook
Ah, yes, well. What else would you expect from a Dutchman? Excellent wet jeans and others: originals.
EE Fully Clothed Wetlook
Older version of EE wetlook. Links to an interesting collection of tapes and photos. Very, very good.
Wet collection by Djdavedav
wet clothes and jeans collection, mostly pictures, on Rapidshare
Wet In Jeans
Nice models and wet jeans. Sale of clips and shoots.
Webshots: wet jeans pictures and videos
wet jeans pictures, videos, images and albums from Webshots. Selection of 'wet jeans' albums
Nico's Wetweb by 1dederer
Wet jeans photos on webshots. (Claimed as originals but I wonder because the original series were by Nico's Wetweb / Monti Consult in Switzerland!). Only 2007.
Site with nice looking DVDs of wet look, lots of jeans. Bath, shower and sea.
The Jean Pool: Wet Jeans
Extensive collection of wet jeans, as the name suggests. Taken from videos on sale but has not been updated since 2008.
???? ?????? ????
Very nice, personal set of ConWETka in wet jeans and other garments. In the Russian WAM forum. Last post in June 2009.
Akunavideo Wetlook Videos
Disco Poolparties, Wet Party Events, Wet Movies, Wetlook Videos, Pictures and more
Devilbutts : Photos
Photos from the Devilbutts collections. Offers about 20 photos/month. Very professional and quite a few on wet jeans also. More recently most are dry :( - Pics and Videos
The original Devilbutts site, in between the nice dry butts also wet jeans and denim skirts.
Wet & mud Girls by Theo
A great personal collection of very muddy and some wet jeans. Beauty models indifferent size and shapes.
Styx FreeWorld
Downloadable wet movies. Pools, showers, baths - jeans... (no try-outs, just by payment). Stops at video # 207?

Wet clothing

WAMTEC, the Wet & Messy Tape Club
The Wet And Messy Tape Exchange Club. Was one of the first and still is very good. Links to many many more of the same. Very wet jeans.
Wetlook Online
Pay site (German/Engish). Nice models and pictures, with some wet jeans. Very professional design.
See me wet - wet clothed girls in skirts, dresses and jeans
SeeMeWet is the wet clothes sister site of Aquantics (see below). Opened in 2009 and looks good.
Artscene & Aquantics
Wetscene videos if you look behind the messy and food sections. Not much jeans.
Meine Wetlookseite
"Ich bin Christian, ein passionierter Anhänger des Wetlook." Nice collection of personal pictures of wet people. "Ich bin Christian" means "my name is Christian", not "I am.." (2005)


Swimming fully clothed videos
By Cestrius (Chester). "My Favorites" "Playlists" and "Groups" is where it's at. :-) Huge collection, not only male BTW. Links also to his blog.
Nasse Klamotten, das Partymagazin für nasse Leute
A few small photo galleries but overview of wet parties in and around Germany.
Nasse Jeans & Co. - der norddeutsche Wetclub
Well. It does what is says. Nasse jeans.
Wet (H2O) clothes all around. Many pictures.