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Female Desperation



In the Beer Hall

By DaveJ

In the Beer Hall

Note:  This story contains Female Desperation, Humiliation and Accidental Wetting.


Nancy was well aware of the beer drinker's rule of thumb; during the first six beers you will most likely forgo taking a trip to the rest room.  But, when you finally do succumb to an aching bladder after the first six you will find that you have to answer the call immediately and that the call will occur often.   More accidents occur after the first six beers in a beer drinking session than at any other time.  Nancy had numerous experiences with beer drinking sessions but she had never had an accident until...

Nancy was in a neighborhood tavern drinking with her new boyfriend and she noticed that she had just finished her sixth beer.   She excused herself and went to the restroom to relieve herself in a normal manner.  Upon her return to her table there was a fresh glass of lager and her boyfriend was gone. Probably he had to go pee she thought.  She began to sip the beer and relax.

By the time her boyfriend returned Nancy was feeling discomfort with her bladder.  She quaffed the last of her latest beer and excused herself again. 

When she returned she noted that her boyfriend had ordered another round.  She began to sip as her boyfriend embarked on a story that would explain a great deal about his life and what he had become.   Nancy wanted to hear his story very much.  So much so that she was willing to forgo another trip to the restroom so as not to interrupt him. 

But, the requirement of one beer equals one trip to the restroom after six beers began to prevail upon Nancy and as her boyfriend slowly related his story she found herself in a state of extreme distress.  The pressure in her bladder was quickly building to a point where it could not be ignored.  Still, Nancy continued to ignore it.

Nancy's entire body was tensed as her boyfriend droned on with his story. She told herself that she absolutely was not going to give in to the rule of beer drinkers.  She was bound and determined to hold her pee until her boyfriend finished his story.  She was by this time sitting bolt upright in her chair and fidgeting her hips.

The pressure in her bladder had become so steady and so strong and so persistent that she could no longer ignore it.  The pressure had built up much faster than she had anticipated. She was forced to let go after an interval so short she could not believe it would happen.  Nancy wet her pants at the table without squirming and fidgeting to control her bladder.  The onrush of pressure from a full bladder happened so fast that it caught her completely by surprise.  

"Oh My god, I've just wet myself," she announced.  She was in shock and extremely embarrassed.  She felt a puddle in her chair and she knew that her brown trousers would show a wet patch in her crotch and seat that she could not possibly explain other than the fact that she, a grown woman, had peed herself.    She sat there shaking her head and moaning that she couldn't believe that she had done such a thing.   She was absolutely humiliated.   She started to stand and said, "I'd better go to the bathroom", although she wished that wasn't an option in her situation.  She was so distressed with her wet pants she didn't know what to do and she desperately wanted someone to take her away from this extremely embarrassing situation without her showing that she had wet herself.  Her new boyfriend seemed to be a bit on the sensitive side and he took control of the situation.

Her boyfriend stood quickly and placed a hand on her shoulder.  "Don't go here," he said.  "You'll have to walk by many booths where your friends are seated. You don't want them to know what you did do you?  Let's get out of here by the shortest route available, I'll leave enough for the check and you just walk as upright as you can to the nearest exit and I'll follow as close behind as I can.  Maybe, no one will notice."

"I'm betting no one will notice."  Nancy was so grateful for his plan that she acquiesced without doubt.  But, she couldn't help the tears streaming down her cheeks as they exited the bar.  And, she will always wonder how many patrons of the bar saw that she had wet herself. 

Her boyfriend said that his place was closer and that was where he would take her so she could clean herself.  Since she hadn't completely voided in the bar she had another conflict in his car on the way.  The beer was once again trying to assert itself to the fact that what goes in must come out.  But, Nancy could now squirm and fidget and try all the moves that people desperate to pee have come up with.   And, squirm and fidget she did.  She continued to try to keep her discomfort from her boyfriend.   Eventually, she had to grab her crotch hoping her fingers would stop the flow.  Then she cried out "Let me out of the car, I'm going to pee again!  I can't help it, I'm going to wet myself again."

Her boyfriend said that his place was only two blocks away but she moaned "I don't care; I'm peeing myself."

When he pulled up to park on the street in front of his apartment, Nancy was weeping.   She was wet from nearly her waist to her ankles.  Her loafers and socks were drenched.  She had her head down and her hand covered her face.  "Oh God, what have I done?  I'm so sorry.   I'll clean your car seat and anything else I've messed up- I'm so ashamed and embarrassed I don't know what to do."  And, the tears flowed like torrents.

Meanwhile her boyfriend was boned to the max.  He had only dreamed of such a situation and here it was in front of him.  He couldn't wait for Nancy to get out of the car so he could survey the damage of her wetting.  But, he was sensitive to her embarrassment so he shielded her as much as possible from a public view of her wet pants.  Between his excruciating sexual urge and her vulnerability they had a great time making love for the entire weekend. 

But, Nancy decided then and there that she would never again tempt her bladder.  At the first sign of fullness she would immediately search for a bathroom.  The very fact that she didn't keep this promise is the fact that more stories about Nancy and her ability or lack thereof to control her bladder will continue.



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