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Frequently Asked Questions


- What are the rules for sending pictures to you?

First of all they have to be within the law of course. So, NOT UNDERAGE. No copyright protected pictures and no sample pictures of Pay Sites or sites where pictures and/or video's are sold. That last rule includes samples of your own site. We only post samples of the Wetting Her Panties website because we are affiliated with them and they host our site for free. (There are also some Wetset/Patches samples because they sell the WHP DVD's).


- When I click on a picture thumbnail, I get redirected to the homepage.

That's probably because you are using a type of Internet Security like Norton or Agnitum Outpost. To prevent people from hotlinking to our pictures, we check if the URL (page address) that was visited before the big picture appears is within our site. That way it's not possible to make your own website and let our pictures appear using our direct URL.
An Internet Security like Norton however, removes the previous visited URL string (Referer Header). Our protection will think you try to hotlink and directs you back to the homepage. You need to turn this "removing" off to be able to view our pages.

The solution is: turn of your Internet Security if you wanna see the big pictures and turn it back on afterwards, or better tell your Internet Security that our site is safe to watch. (Allow adds and popups on our site - we don't have them anyway)  Also make sure that you have "Cookies Allowed".

It's also possible that you use an old or incompatible browser. Older (not upgraded) versions of the AOL Browser for instance will give this problem. You should at least upgrade to the latest browser version of AOL in that case. We heard from users that this solves the AOL problem.

- I only see little red crosses instead of thumbnails and don't see the big pictures either.

- If you don't get any pictures at all, not even thumbnails, it's most likely that you have a pop-up killer or an "add blocker" running. Zone Alarm Pro for instance has this in the privacy section. But also all kinds of other Internet Security Programs do. Put the "Add Blocking" and "Cookie Control" security both on OFF. Make sure cookies are allowed. Go look through your Internet Security settings. There must be a setting somewhere that blocks any of the above mentioned things. In almost all of these programs you can add a site that is safe to watch without the usual security settings. (And believe us, our site is safe)

- Can you give me the email address of a story writer?

No, we won't give out any email addresses. If a story writer doesn't mind getting "fan mail" and tells us so, we add the email address on their story page(s).      (Click in that case on the writer's name under the story)
Most writers however don't want to get in email contact with others.

- What are the rules for sending
stories to you?

First of all they have to be within the law of course. No underage stuff! A childhood memory is OK as long as it's like "I discovered the fun of wetting when I was 16". But that's it. The "characters" in the stories have to be at least 18 years old. And the stories have to fit in the FEMALE Desperation theme. Stories with only male content won't be posted. Stories that contain pantypooping won't be posted either.

We hope you use the spelling check when you write the stories. Some of the ones we get look more like Chinese written. Don't forget to give the story a title and don't forget to put your author name under it. We prefer to get them as a "plain text" attachement. (.txt)
If you want your email address mentioned with your story, let us know and we will make an email short cut on your author name on the bottom of the page.



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