Female Desperation

This Page is dedicated to Forum Magazine

Way back in de late 80's I already knew for a long time that I loved to see women dying for a pee, or even better, wet their pants. Every now and then a porn magazine wrote a few lines about it. But most of it was about drinking pee or peeing on someone else. That didn't interest me. And then one day I found a copy of Forum magazine in the porn shop that announced on the cover: "Watersports, exclusive survey". I expected the pee drinking thing again, but when I opened the magazine, the first line I saw was: "Once or twice I've done it in a pair of jeans". I was thrilled, my legs were shaking. Nine pages mainly about wetting. I bought the magazine and I was never before so quickly back home from the porn shop. Finally I had a magazine with letters from other people that shared my interest.

I want to dedicate this page to Forum Magazine. To be exact: Forum Volume 22, No 9, 1989. Here are the nine pages that changed my life forever.
Thank you Forum,


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Last Update:  March 22,  2006



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