Female Desperation




The Desperate Secretary

By:  Full Bladder

The Desperate Secretary

Note:  This story contains Female & Male Desperation, Accidental Wetting, Humiliation, and Masturbation.

Mandy looked at her reflection in the mirror for the umpteenth time that morning. She had to make sure that she looked perfect. It was an important day for her- she had to make sure she looked as attractive as possible. She was dressed in a tight white t-shirt with no bra, showing off her perfectly round breasts and erect nipples. She wore a tight denim skirt, short enough to reveal her light pink cotton panties when she bent over. She wished she was brave enough to wear her favourite pair of skinny jeans, but couldn't bring herself to risk the consequences of that just yet.

Mandy had been preparing for this for two weeks. She had made herself desperate at work almost everyday, making sure that her boss noticed her desperation before she left her desk to relieve herself. She had even gone a little further the last couple days, holding her crotch when he called her into his office and openly telling him she needed to pee quite badly. She had been pleased with the results. She had noticed that her boss seemed to watch her closely when she was desperate and had even delayed her trips to the toilet with high priority tasks a few times.

Yesterday, he had informed her that there would be after-hours renovations being done in the washrooms and that the facilities would not be available for use over the next couple days. He had warned her that he would not be able to permit her to leave the office during work hours, so it was important for her to plan her washroom breaks during coffee or lunch. Mandy knew that she would never have as good an opportunity as this to wet herself at work with her boss watching and planned to take advantage of it today.

She was feeling nervous, but also excited about the prospect of wetting herself in front of her latest crush. She had filled her purse with three 500mL water bottles and planned to make coffee as usual the moment she got to her office. Her plan was to start drinking heavily during the coffee break, so that she would need the toilet badly soon after lunch. This plan wouldn't leave her with any opportunities to relieve herself until after work.

Mandy arrived at work a few minutes before her boss, which gave her ample time to make coffee. She knew he appreciated her attention to little details such as freshly brewed morning coffee. She also took a quick peek at the washrooms and saw that they were indeed locked. She was already seated at her desk sipping her coffee when her boss walked in. She was pleased to see his eyes scan over her as he walked by to his office.

"Good morning, Mr. Welsh," she greeted, getting a quick "good morning" in response. Mandy let her mind fantasize for a moment. Her boss looked so handsome in his professional attire. She wanted nothing more than to be dominated by him- perhaps he could force her to drink water and then tie her up until she peed herself. Or he might be subtler about it and take her on a long drive after a few cocktails. Maybe he would want to join in the fun as well and they would both go on a long walk with drinks in hand. Mandy felt her womanhood tingle at the thought of her well dressed and always composed boss peeing his pants. She wondered if he would ever let himself get into a situation where he wasn't in full control of his bladder.

Mandy forced her mind away from her sexual fantasies and got to work. It was a busy morning with numerous phone calls and several clients checking in for meetings. Before she knew it, her boss yelled that it was time for coffee break. He said that he would be working through the break, but she was free to leave the premises. Mandy was a bit disappointed that he would not accompany her today; she really hated being seen in public alone. However, it would give her an opportunity to chug down some of the water in her purse without her boss suspecting anything. Her morning coffee had worked its way down to her bladder and she wanted to pee it out so that she wasn't too desperate at lunch.

Mandy walked to a small coffee shop a few blocks from her office. Her boss often treated her to coffee here. He was right about the place having the best coffee in Seattle, but she would not be ordering any today. Instead, she pulled out a water bottle and started drinking it slowly. From experience, she knew that it took about two hours before she felt a need for the toilet. If she gulped down all of the water in her purse like she usually did, she would probably last about two and a half hours before she would wet herself. Today she was planning to drink more slowly to avoid suspicion from her boss, pacing herself to be truly desperate about an hour or so after her lunch break ended at 1:00. That would leave her with no hope of holding on until her workday ended at 4:00. She hoped that her boss wouldn't change his mind about not permitting her to leave the office during work hours even for a washroom break.

Mandy looked at her watch and saw that it was almost time to head back to work. She quickly gulped down some more water before heading off to the toilet. She didn't have to pee badly at all, but it still felt nice to let go. She gave her pussy a few quick rubs before pulling up her panties and exiting the stall.

Things always got busier after coffee break at the office. When Mandy came back from her break, there was already a client waiting to be checked in for an appointment with Mr. Welsh. Mandy quickly led him to her boss, who was still very much occupied with paperwork he had been working on through coffee.

Mandy returned to her own desk and took out her half full water bottle to sip as she worked. By lunchtime, she had finished the first bottle and was well into her second. She could feel a large volume of water sloshing around in her stomach, but didn't really feel any need for the toilet just yet. She decided to drink a little faster; maybe she could even order a bowl of soup for lunch to help speed things up. However, her boss threw a wrench into her plans as the clock struck 12:30.

"Mandy, I'm really sorry about this but I would never do this to you if things weren't so hectic around here. I need to ask you to stay behind a few minutes if you don't mind. I need to grab a quick eat-out and also use the facilities. I can grab you something as well if you like- it's on me." Mandy could see that he was more than a little uncomfortable. He was moving constantly and shuffling his feet- a sure sign of desperation.

"Of course, Mr. Welsh!" she replied, "I don't mind staying in at all. Just grab me some soup if it's not too much trouble, please."

"Not a problem, Mandy. Thank you so much for this. You have no idea how much you are helping me out. I'll be right back." He turned and quickly marched out of the office, in dire need of a toilet, no doubt.

Mandy took the opportunity to chug down remainder of her second water bottle and took the final one out of her purse. She felt quite full from drinking so much water and wondered if soup was a good idea. The last thing she wanted was all that liquid coming out the wrong end. Oh well, it was too late now anyway- she would just have to sip carefully if her boss brought back a bowl of soup.

As promised, Mandy's boss was back five minutes later carrying a sandwich and a large cup of tomato soup. He definitely appeared more relaxed now compared to when he had left. He placed the soup on her desk with an appreciative smile and continued walking to his own office. Mandy's vagina tingled again as she visualized him rushing to a urinal and desperately unzipping his pants just in time to avoid an embarrassing accident.

She wondered how her boss would react when she was at her own moment of weakness, at his complete mercy. She was getting horny at the thought of having her fate in his hands. She wanted nothing more than to have him decide if she wet herself in front of him or not. She eagerly peeled off the lid of the bowl and lifted it up to her lips to drink.

By the end of lunch break, Mandy had finished her soup and was starting to feel a growing need to urinate. She was not desperate yet but was certainly starting to get uncomfortable. She had half a mind to run out of the office and find a toilet while she still could, but decided that she owed it to herself to see what came next.

Before she knew it, she was once again too busy to think about her bladder. She was flooded with phone calls, clients coming in for appointments, even a cute pizza delivery guy who had the wrong address. Mandy struggled to take care of everything coming at her while her bladder filled to the point where it was getting to be a real concern. She wished she could leave the office and relieve herself so that she could work without the constant nagging from her bladder. She didn't want to have an accident in front of complete strangers and it was looking more and more like her boss had an overscheduled afternoon on his hands. He was just barely finishing one meeting before a new client came in for the next one. Mandy was almost always on the telephone taking down messages or checking in the next appointment on the list.

By 2:00, she could no longer sit without constantly shuffling in her seat. She was starting to get some funny looks from clients. Her bladder seemed to be filling more quickly now. By 2:15, she was giving her pussy a squeeze every now and then to help her maintain bladder control. Another fifteen minutes and she had her left hand placed permanently between her tightly crossed legs to avoid any leakage. She had stopped drinking even though she had half a water bottle to go. She was starting to fear the idea of peeing herself at her desk, especially when she saw clients looking down at her left hand pushing down forcefully on her crotch.

Mandy was approaching the point of no return; She wasn't sure how much longer she could last. When she saw the next client leave her boss' office, she asked the middle aged man waiting in the lobby to hang on a minute and went into Mr. Welsh's office herself. She tried to walk without holding herself knowing the visitor was watching her, but she felt herself squirt a few drops and had to double over and squeeze hard with both hands. She managed to wobble into her boss' office in the same embarrassing position.

"Mr. Welsh, May I please leave the office for just a few minutes to use the washroom?" she pleaded. She hadn't meant to sound so desperate, but there wasn't really any way to hide her situation at this point anyway.

Douglas Welsh pretended to look up from his work. He had been watching his beautiful secretary all afternoon. He knew he was fortunate to have such a sexy sight to look at everyday through the glass door of his office. She always dressed in revealing clothes and often put off going to the washroom until she absolutely had to. He really enjoyed seeing her shifting around and touching herself. He had no idea he would be so turned on by a woman's desperation until he had hired Mandy. He prayed for a day when she would wait too long and wet her panties in front of him.

"Mandy, I warned you about the toilets being closed yesterday. You should know that need to plan ahead in situations like this." She had her skirt hiked all the way up to her crotch. Her hands were gripping her pussy as she bounced up and down in desperation. Doug felt his penis harden inside his pants.

"PLEASE! Mr. Welsh, I really, really need to GO! I swear I'll be back in two minutes!" Mandy felt another squirt escape her pee-hole despite the force she was exerting on it. She knew she would surely wet herself if she let go. Her bladder was pulsing inside her putting enormous strain on her pussy muscles.

Doug pretended to consider her pleas for a moment, but it was really just to create a delay and watch the cute girl squirm in front of him for a few more seconds. "Okay Mandy," he replied, "I will allow you to leave the office this one time because of your situation, but only after you receive a call from a very important client of mine, Mrs. Friesen. She was going to call at about a quarter to three today to reschedule her appointment and I am too busy to answer the phone myself. I cannot risk missing this call because she is offering us a contract to represent an entire workers union. I trust that you realize the importance of this call and will leave only after you have spoken with Mrs. Friesen?"

Mandy agreed and hobbled back to her desk. She told the middle-aged man waiting in the lobby that Mr. Welsh was ready to see him. He walked past her without a response, only a strange look. Mandy's face burned volcano red to match her hair colour. She was absolutely humiliated to be seen like this. How could her boss make her wait for a phone call when she was so close to peeing in her pants?

Doug could hardly focus on the meeting with his client, Mr. Hatchford. His eyes were locked on his secretary as she struggled maintain what little dignity she had left. He felt sympathy for her- she looked like she was in serious physical and emotional pain. It must so embarrassing for the poor lady to be desperate to the point of having to hold herself at her desk. Still, it was a better alternative than having an accident in her clothes. He was scanning her legs for wetness but so far she had managed to keep her panties dry.

Mandy got up from her chair and danced around. It was impossible to sit anymore- she was too desperate. She was extremely glad there was no one waiting in the lobby now. The phone rang and she sprang to answer it. Hopefully this would be Mrs. Friesen. Unfortunately, it was a telemarketer. Mr, Welsh had instructed her to be polite to all callers, even telemarketers. Mandy struggled to end the conversation quickly but politely as her bladder screamed for relief. She felt a long squirt escape her and moistness on her hands, as her panties grew wet.

Doug felt his manhood grow even larger as he watched Mandy hopping about with the phone pressed against her ear. He knew it wasn't Mrs. Friesen. She had actually told him that she would call at 3:00, which was ten minutes from now. Doug felt bad about lying to Mandy, but he was enjoying the situation too much to allow her to leave the premises to pee. He would never have a better opportunity to witness a girl wetting herself than right now.

Mandy hung up and desperately looked up at the clock. It was well past 2:45 now, but still no phone call. She was at the point of severe desperation- she knew that she could lose control of her bladder at any given moment and completely disgrace herself in public. She turned around and looked back at her boss' office. Their eyes locked for a brief moment before he quickly refocused on his client. Mandy sensed that he was enjoying what he was seeing from her. She smiled to herself as she continued to try to hold in her pee inside her dangerously full bladder.

Doug took another quick peek at his secretary. He could see that she had started to leak. He caught a glimpse of her panties, now dark pink. He thought he could make out some wet streaks running down her long smooth legs as well, but he wasn't sure. Regardless, she was starting to go to the washroom in her clothes and soon enough she would surely surrender completely to nature's call. His last meeting of the day was almost over, but he had every intention to prolong it as long as possible to ensure that he was busy and unable to cover for Mandy.

It was not quite 3:00 when the phone rang. Mandy answered it with one hand still clinging to her pussy. It was Mrs. Friesen this time. However, she had more to say than just a date and time. She provided Mandy with a list of details that needed to be taken care of and even asked the poor secretary to repeat them back to her in an attempt to make sure everything was covered and recorded on paper. Mandy was squirting helplessly now. She felt her pee running down her legs as she engaged in a seemingly endless conversation with an undoubtedly very conscientious woman.

Doug had his eyes locked on Mandy's bum. She was slowly losing control and he knew there was no way she could avoid a complete wetting accident. He quickly ended his meeting with his client, promising a lunch on his dime next week to discuss the situation further and focussed all of his attention on the very attractive redhead having a massive accident in the middle of his office.

Mandy heard the client leave her boss' office and walk towards the entrance. She knew there was nothing she could do to hide the fact that she was standing at her desk wetting her pants, so she looked down at the paper she was writing on, refusing to meet the man's questioning gaze. She felt her face burning red as he walked past her. Mrs. Friesen finally hung up, but it was far too late. Mandy's legs were already drenched with pee and there was no way she could walk to a toilet without losing all control anyway. She turned around to lean back against her desk and finally gave up the battle. She sighed emphatically with relief as a humungous burden was lifted off her poor body and a sparkling clear waterfall poured out from the crotch of her panties.

Her boss stood across from her with his eyes fixated on the very visible outline of her wet camel toe. His erect penis poked out from his dress pants as he watched his secretary relieve her severe desperation in front of him. Her urine flowed out powerfully even through the fabric of her panties like water from a fireman's hose. It spiralled down her well-toned, muscular legs, through her bright red heels and into a rapidly expanding lake on the tiled office floor.

Mandy saw his erection and knew he was enjoying her accident. Still blissfully peeing, she approached him, spreading the growing puddle to his feet. He took her in his arms and kissed her. He felt his penis throbbing violently and knew he was close to exploding in his pants. As they disengaged from the kiss, Mandy finally finished emptying her bladder. She ripped off her skirt so that her boss could observe the end result of what she had done. Her womanhood was grinding against the sticky wet fabric of her panties and she had no choice but to impulsively stick her hand inside her underwear and rub herself to a very intense climax.

Doug stood speechlessly as Mandy had a massive and very hot orgasm in front of him. He had never been so turned on and his body certainly wasn't used to such heat. He came in his pants, soaking the groin region. He collapsed to his knees breathing heavily, in sexual excitement and humiliation. He could not believe he had just messed his pants like a horny teen boy in front of such a gorgeous woman.

Mandy finished herself off before joining her boss in the massive puddle on the floor, assuring him that everyone has accidents once in a while, but secrets were always safe between lovers. Doug agreed and quickly made arrangements to have the janitorial service come in to clean up the office within the next hour. He then locked up the office for the day and took his secretary home to celebrate a very productive workday and the beginning of a fun future together.

By: Full Bladder

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