Female Desperation

A long long time ago...

... before the Internet existed, there were, of course, people who enjoyed wetting their own pants or/and watching someone else do so. But with no Internet yet, most of them thought they were just weird and the only human beings in this world that loved such a strange thing.

Most of these people couldn't believe their eyes when they ran into a magazine - often by coincidence - that actually had an article, sometimes even a picture, about wetting one' s pants. Sometimes it was just a reader's letter. But still, for a lot of people it was the first sign that they weren't alone- or at least not the only one on earth with a kind of strange but innocent "thing" that they found very sexually arousing.

If you are one of these people, and you still have one or more of these magazines and you are able to make a scan of the article, please do so and email it to us. On this page we want to show you some of the articles that probably changed your life. It's no problem if it's more than just one article, in fact, the more the better.. But please, no scans of recent magazines! Just things from the past, from the days before the Internet became a source of information that "peeing fun" is not as much of an unusual hobby as you may have thought. Some of this material may not be in English.

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  Last Update:  January 24,  2010


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Forum Volume 22, No 9, 1989  /  Scanned by Ger:



Fiesta Somewhere from the 80's  /  Scanned by Paul Tester:


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